Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The LG Watchphone is here!

Every once in a while a gadget will literally blow you away and change the way you look at technology forever, such is the LG GD910, otherwise known as The LG Watchphone.

With the current crop of mobile phones with time-telling ability, the watch has literally gone down the list of must wears before going out. However, with the LG Watchphone, not only will it be hip to wear it again, but productive as well!

We reported on this a month ago and even showed you a Youtube clip, this time around the good people of Orange UK will be demonstrating the other capabilities of the LG Watchphone.

If you think it'll be complicated to operate such a device, you'll be in for a surprise!
To make a voice or video call – in true 22nd Century fashion – all you have to do is ask it nicely. The combination of voice activated command, VGA camera and Bluetooth technology mean you’ll never have to raise a finger to make a call again... just turn your wrist and talk away. The handmade timepiece is designed with the image conscious in mind too and features eight different watch faces – one to suit your every mood or crime-fighting outfit.

What are you waiting for? The gadget will be available in limited supply, on a first come first served, one device per customer basis, from August 27 9:00 AM in the Orange Shop at Bond Street, Central London, and will be sold for just £500.

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