Thursday, August 20, 2009

Android Hack and HTC Click Revealed!

The Android and the HTC seems to be connected at the hip these days. One almost always seems to be involved in the same news. It makes me wonder whether the other Android powered mobile phones feel jealous about it.

Hack your Android Phone the Easy Way

The Android is an extremely flexible mobile phone Operating System due to it's "open source"- ness. This literally means that if you have enough knowledge and experience in this particular field, you can do anything you can imagine. It's not surprising then, that some people actually does something to make your Android-powered phone better without coming from the usual sources.

Unfortunately, if you don't have the know-how of dealing with complicated matters such as the Android, you run a rather large risk of making your mobile phone an expensive piece of brick. It's a good thing then that someone in the Android community has developed a program that will increase your chances of being successful at hacking your mobile phone OS.

RyeBrye has pieced together an Android app that does all the rooting legwork, a process that used to range from mildly intimidating to headache-inducing. In either case, the prospect was always daunting for the mainstream, which kept the joys of an unbound Android from most G1 and MyTouch owners.

Here is the complete list of steps on how to do it right. As a bonus, here's a video that'll show how fast and easy it is to do it.

Just a little note: this is good for US Android phones ONLY! Good luck!

HTC Click Gets Shot!

We mentioned last time that if HTC doesn't go on par (price-wise) with the Motorola Morrison that it may just lose the Android OS race. Lo, and behold! HTC's got one brewing under the name of the HTC Click. Supposedly this phone is still under development, however there's a video proof that it already exists in the wilds of Tech Cool Vietnam.

The device sports some interesting graphics (likely customized by the owner) on the back, a microSD slot, 1100mAh battery, standard 3.5-mm headphone jack up top, camera (no flash), and of course, Android, "Donut" build 1.50.999.0 according to the device's about page. Clearly, it lacks that swank SenseUI and the LCD is much smaller than the HTC Magic -- indicators that the Click is very much HTC's cheapo Android phone as previously rumored.

This surely targets those who want a cool Android phone but doesn't have the moolah to buy one or someone who just wants to try out an Android OS before he buys the more expensive ones. Whatever the reason, it surely must be on one of the top of every mobile gadget freak's Christmas List.

In the end, anyone with an Android mobile phone wins as its future as a powerhouse mobile OS is assured. The question now is--how will it break into international waters when the iPhone 3G and Palm Pre are still US bound? Will the Android overtake them? With it being free and open source, you bet it will. How can you beat a quality mobile OS that's free?

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