Thursday, August 20, 2009

PS3: No to PS2 and Amazon Gives Warning

After a day or two, the PS3 Slim is still the biggest news in Tech town and we're really not surprised at all as most tech guys dabble in a lot of games as well. Below are just a rundown of the latest news we got.

PS2 Backward Compatibility Never to Appear in PS3

No Virgina, PS2 backward compatibility will never appear in the PS3 whether it be phat, slim, or anything in between. It has been confirmed by John Koller, Sony's Director of Hardware Marketing in an interview:
"It's not coming back, so let me put that on the table," Koller says with an air of finality. But it's all people ever talk about!

"It's not as big as a purchase intent driver as you may be hearing," he claimed. "We've got such a substantial lineup of titles on the PS3; most people are buying the PS3 for PS3 games. They've buying it for PS3 games and Blu-ray movies."

"That won't be returning," he repeats.
Before you nerd-rage on Sony, you have to remember that they still got the PSP Go--and we think that's where old PS2 ports will come to nest as your beloved PS2 finally bites the dust.

Amazon: Shortage of PS3 Slim in the US

PANIC NOW! Amazon has just announced that the PS3 Slim is already running out of stock in the US! So far they're limiting the sales to one PS3 Slim to one person only. Sony Europe is saying that they have truckloads of the stuff to satisfy all customers.

Let's hope they get enough before the Holidays, as you don't want to know how nerds get mad when they don't get their game on!

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