Friday, September 04, 2009

Palm WebOS 1.2 Leaked!

The Palm Pre, as we mentioned a few weeks ago, is actively updating their WebOS in response to customer feedback. Isn't it a treat that they accidentally leaked out their upcoming WebOS 1.2 update to Palm Pre users?

The 1.2 version of Palm Pre's webOS was accidentally leaked via Palm itself, inadvertently showing off future features like an improved copy/paste, email searching and saving images from the browser.

Here's a compilation of the updates based on the leak:

Updated w/ summary of 1.2 so-far discovered features
  • Find-as-you-type search support in Email
  • App Catalog updated to support purchasing apps
  • Web browser enhanced
    * auto zooms to forms
    * download in browser enabled (including opening pdfs)
    * better rendering of mobile pages
    * Orange+click context menu on links
    * save images
  • "Real" copy and paste
    * shift tap to select areas of textPalm
    * Select All option in Edit menu
  • Sort by Priority or Date Due in Tasks
  • Other minor tweaks and changes
Whether Palm intended this to be leaked or not, it still bodes well for its users. Go Palm!

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