Monday, September 28, 2009

Twinlinx MyMax NFC Sticker Released

Twinlinx releases a new sticker that can help improve the current Bluetooth features of phones with NFC functionality. MyMax NFC Sticker is a thin electronic sticker that runs on the new Windows phone that is slated for release on October 6 offering immediate access to a number of users to Near Field Communications (NFC).

Among the features of the MyMax sticker include payment, transport, loyalty, access control, and smart posters which would normally require a special kind of NFC-enabled phone. With the new sticker, any phone can act as the medium and offer new means of interaction according to their needs.

MyMax unlocks the current situation where few NFC phones are available and now becomes a distribution model is that has been simplified so that it can be marketed and sold through different channels without relying on convincing people to change their phones just to get access to NFC.

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