Friday, September 25, 2009

Verizon Won't Be Getting the Pre After All

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It wasn't the first time I was wrong on something, but Verizon's move on not continuing with the Palm Pre surprised a heck of a lot of tech bloggers as well!

It was previously reported that according to Verizon's COO, they would be getting the Pre soon, however according to this article, it seems that they won't be carrying Palm's Pre nor Pixi in its roster at all. This beguiles the imagination as they're getting beat by Sprint with its exclusive iPhone 3GS contracts.

Questions arise:
  • Did Verizon think that Palm's App Store would go against its own store? Probably yes. Unfortunately, Palm's already got some apps going and Verizon isn't that well known for really attracting developers.
  • Was it because of the falling sales? Probably unlikely as Palm has just released a cheaper (yet WIFI-less) version of the Pre called the Pixi. They're hoping that it will attract more customers in eventually buying a Pre.
  • Are they secretly hoping for the iPhone 3GS to come their way? Unlikely as Mobile Crunch just crushed that idea:
It’s a fun thought, but I’d say no way. AT&T has barely been able to cope with the strain of a network full of iPhones, and Verizon would probably break. It’s also an expensive move, and Verizon’s always been about selling medium-sized services to cheap phones. That may have to change, but they’ll ramp up before they go all out.
  • Are they preparing to go Android? This is the most likely scenario as the mobile phone OS has been developing at a quick pace to beat Palm's WebOS and even Apple's iPhone OS.

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