Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Barnes & Noble misses opportunity to sell more

The Nook should be an immediate best seller but it seems to have a weird way of selling to customers. Barnes & Noble has more than 700 stores nationwide but only a select of them will be selling the eBook Reader in its stores.
"Instead, I was told as a customer, the booksellers will order a device for in-store customers from the BN.com website to be shipped to their home, much as the buyer could do online from home."
Good point, why go trek to a Nook-less Barnes & Noble store when you can do the same thing online? This leads to some people thinking that there's a shortage of actual devices since it will take a few days for the online purchases to get delivered to their house.
"Why they've chosen to go this route is a mystery to me—why would they want to add an extra step for consumers? We're not sure yet exactly which stores will be getting Nooks (or why—maybe a supply issue?); it's not a huge deal but it can't help the Nook's chances."
Nook's chances are already slim since its getting a wee bit crowded in the eBook Reader niche. Can this be a case of too early of a release? Is there a technical problem they're taking care of? Whatever the reason maybe if a product doesn't move fast enough then people may not be that patient enough to wait for them and transfer to another eBook Reader.

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