Tuesday, October 20, 2009

eReaders coming: Nook and Alex

eBook Readers seem to be making a mark on its own as Amazon's Kindle is in danger of losing its stamp on being the top eReader on the block. Here are just a couple of them.

Barnes & Noble eReader

They may deny that they're developing an eBook Reader, called the Nook, but all signs (and advertisements) point to Barnes & Noble developing one.

According to the WSJ, the Barnes & Noble reader will be announced tomorrow at $259. The descriptions match our exclusive photos exactly. They found the device through a premature ad shown on the NYTimes website!

Accidental or a marketing strategy to whet the appetites of eBook lovers everywhere? The next question is whether it will have enough features and pricing that can go up against Sony's and Amazon's eReaders? So far it's supposed to have colored screens and on screen keyboards. Unfortunately, it will be priced at $259. Not enough to really rock the eBook market, but is possible to get enough attention from possible buyers.

SUPPOSEDLY, it will be available on Tuesday (which is a few hours from now), so it's just a waiting game then...

Spring Design's Alex

Another eBook Reader, called Alex from Spring Design, is coming to the scene shows a feature that the current eReaders don't have: dual screen.

Spring Design’s new design brings two screen to an ebook reader and not in the notebook fashion like Asus’ design.  The Spring Design device, Alex, will feature a 6” e-ink display for reading large blocks of text.  It will also feature a 3.5” LCD touchscreen below that screen that will be used for functions such as web browsing.  The bottom screen will be powered by Android.  The device will have Wi-Fi as well as a 3G data connection, though no carrier is named yet.  All we know so far is the name of the device, its features and design.

Is this eReader blurring the lines between laptops, netbooks, and eReaders with this extra screen? We'll see soon as new info on this device rolls in.

Barnes & Noble eReader Source
Dual-screen eReader Source

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