Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nook's a Success and Alex is a Tease

eBook Readers are the it tech gadgets of this season as almost every big time tech company is dipping its hands into this niche market. We've got an update from the two that are making news right now.

Barnes & Noble's Nook is a critical success!

Barnes & Noble's eBook Reader, called the Nook, is out and it is making a splash--no, a tsunami--of an effect on the eBook Reader market. It's even being touted by Gizmodo as the one to beat Amazon's Kindle 2 with a post like 8 reasons why you can finally love eBook Readers.
"...the Nook makes even the relatively benign-looking Kindle 2 seem like it was beaten with an ugly stick."
As for the official specs, it was in the hastily pulled down Nook site. Good thing that Gizmodo was able to get a screenshot of it before it disappeared. As a bonus, it's also got a feature by feature comparison with the Kindle 2.

The success of a particular product doesn't depend on the features but on the sales that it generates. We've heard of so many critically acclaimed gadgets that failed to make a profit, hopefully that doesn't happen here. Only time (and sales) will tell...

Spring Design's Alex has a video!

With eBook Readers coming out of the woodwork and it's no surprise that the eBook Reader we mentioned last time, Spring Design's Alex, has a video of an actual working product!

Everything seems to be in good order: Android OS, the second screen, music speakers, etc. Looks swell!  My only complaint is that they could've used a better video camera and have a healthy presenter--he sounds like he had a really bad cold!

Still no news on when it'll be coming out.

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