Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kindle Strikes Back with "Kindle for PC"?

Amazon's got a big target on its back. Sony, Barnes and Nobles, etc. want a piece of the eBook Reader pie and  they're doing all they can to get it. So far, we haven't heard anything from Amazon, until today. Announcing the Kindle for PC! It is a Windows only (sorry Mac and Linux users) free program that allows you to read Kindle books on your PC.
"Kindle for PC is the perfect companion application for folks who own a Kindle or Kindle DX," said Ian Freed, Vice President, Amazon Kindle. "Kindle for PC is also a great way for people around the world to read the most popular books of today even if they don’t yet have a Kindle."
With Kindle for PC, readers can take advantage of the following features:
  • Purchase, download, and read hundreds of thousands of books available in the Kindle Store
  • Access their entire library of previously purchased Kindle books stored on Amazon’s servers for free
  • Choose from over 10 different font sizes and adjust words per line
  • Add and automatically synchronize bookmarks and last page read
  • View notes and highlights marked on Kindle and Kindle DX
  • Zoom in and out of text with a pinch of the fingers (Windows 7 users only)
  • Turn pages with a finger swipe (available in a future release for Windows 7 users)
I'm still thinking how this would fight off the eBook Reader competitors as all it does is basically target those people without Kindle. I'm guessing that Amazon's focusing right now on eBook rather than Kindle 2 sales. Are they going to just let their competitors walk all over them?

Good luck to Amazon.

Price and availability to be announced soon.

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