Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Designs: Apple's Media Player and Nintendo DSi

Designing tech devices are never easy. There are some that at first I thought was bad but was good when i tried them on, and there are those who look really good but fell apart when I tried using them. Form follows function they say and let's hope that the new Apple media player and Nintendo DSi screens enlargements work.

New Apple media Player?

Apple has always been considered as design masters by the tech world. Their works have been copied or emulated in some way by their competitors but they are still considered as the standard to beat. However, with the discovered Apple Patent, we have to say that this design really bugs the heck out of me.
The Baltimore Sun today found an Apple Patent on a device that would integrate a media player into a wireless headset. While only shown in one of the images, the display does show up in some of the diagrams and in the application itself. (marked "214" below)

Yes folks, that's an iShuffle with an earpiece sticking out of its back. From my point of view it's going to look like one of those Bluetooth earphones with speakers built in them. But wait there's more!

Will this design work? I personally have troubles with earphones as they have a tendency to slip off from time to time (and usually at the most inopportune time). Good luck with that Apple...

Nintendo DSi gets larger screens!

Since we're talking about designs, Nintendo's DSi will have another makeover with larger screens!

"Don’t look to the DSi LL expecting any special, new features. It’s essentially a DSi, only slightly bigger due to the inclusion of two 4.2 inch screens, as opposed to the two 3.25 inch screens built into a normal DSi, it is bigger. It also comes with more styluses than a typical DSi - it comes with the standard stylus that fits into the DSi and a larger stylus that looks exactly like a ball point pen."
This is the Nintendo DS for adults or kids with really big hands. Is the bigger screens enough for people to replace their Nintendo DSi/Lite/Phat? We'll see after the Holidays.

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Source for Nintendo DSi's New Screens

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