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Nook copied Alex? Xperia X10 Announced!

Barnes & Noble sued by Spring Design

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Did Barnes & Nobles steal Spring Design's idea? Was the Nook a copy of the Alex? According to Spring Design, it's all true.
"Since the beginning of 2009 Spring and Barnes & Noble worked within a non-disclosure agreement, including many meetings, emails and conference calls with executives ranging up to the president of, discussing confidential information regarding the features, functionality and capabilities of Alex," Spring Design said in a statement. "Throughout, Barnes & Noble's marketing and technical executives extolled Alex's 'innovative' features, never mentioning their use of those features until the public disclosure of the Nook."
According to the article, Barnes & Noble have yet to reply to these charges. Nevertheless, it's expected that they will deny any copying or stealing ideas and rather resort to saying that it was just a coincidence that they were creating an eBook Reader at the time that Spring Design contacted them.

Sony Ericsson's first Android announced!

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Sony Ericsson has finally announced that the previously leaked, Android powered Xperia X10 (previously known as the Xperia X3) with its Rachael Interface.

With all it's leaked specs and features, would you still want to buy it? What does this particular phone over its other Android sisters and brothers? Just as we mentioned it's interface sure is a lot of eyecandy. It also has some cool Facebook and Twitter integration that has just started to creep up on mobile phones.
"The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is certainly feature packed, and all the leaked rumours over the phone's overlay turn out to have given good reason for excitement, as the UX platform (which is a name that thankfully isn't sticking around) offers something totally different for Android."
We'll see this phone become a reality on 2010.

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