Thursday, October 15, 2009

Red Light Camera Detector from Hammacher Schlemmer

As far as camera manufacturers are concerned, you would think they would be at the side of the law. With car accidents and unruly drivers plaguing the streets, law enforcement has been trying its best to put order and safety in check. However, this red light camera detector from Hammacher Schlemmer seems to be encouraging more accidents and law breakers with their camera. This red camera detector has a 1.6” OLED display that maps out where red lights are located via its camera database. Updates for this database can be done by connecting it via USB to a computer. These updates cost $19.95 annually. The Red Light Camera Detector retails for about $199.95. If there are people who would be interested in this, it would be the teenagers and people who are up to no good!

(Source) Slashgear

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