Saturday, October 17, 2009

Personalize and Customize with Dell’s “Studio” Brand

Dell has finally introduced a new breed of laptop, introducing the new “Studio” line of products, designed specifically for consumer self-expression and creative living. Studio line products are designed to unleash the creativity within us. With this new line of products we can now personalize and express ourselves the way we want it to be inside and out. It is both a combination of aesthetics and technology rolled into one fresh approach of hi-def mobile lifestyles.

Well almost all people are looking for stunning and vibrant new designs well they won’t be disappointed when it comes to Dell’s Studio line of products. Staying true to its promise in giving consumers to express themselves and personalize the things they want can now step into Dell’s new Studio laptops. Two of Dell’s Studio laptops the Studio 17 and Studio 15 are relatively distinct in nature. These two laptops share the same qualities and both are unique in so many ways. The first thing you should notice about is that they feature sleek designs combined with striking visual elements. They also sport in a new personalization options with features a standard built in webcam, slot load drives, touch media and a built in media broadband.

Most the new Studio products inherit the same design, very much the same that Dell introduced the XPSTM M1330 laptops. From the name itself, Studio, the company ensures total customization and personalization. With the built in personalization option consumers lets them customize their laptop to his or her choice. Customers may pick from a wide options of colors to choose from, they come in Tangerine Orange, Plum Purple, Ruby Red, Spring Green, Tangerine and Jet Black. For added customization, Dell has also included an optional high gloss Grapit Grey that can be personalized and be trimmed around the display back. It is complete with many features for customers to personalize and enjoy.

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