Monday, November 16, 2009

Galaxy Spica and Modern Warfare 2 Communicator

I got androids from a different galaxy and pixelized army men in the tech news today for you!

Samsung's Android: Galaxy Spica

I say it once and I'll say it again: Android will rule the mobile world; whether it be through smartphones, eBook Readers, or anything else. It's no surprise that Samsung is presenting its newest Android powered mobile phone called the Galaxy Spica.
Samsung Galaxy Spica provides an exceptional multimedia experience by supporting DivX for the first time on Android-powered phones to eliminate the hassle of file format conversions. Equipped with DNSe 2.0 for better sound quality and 3.5 mm ear jack, the Galaxy Spica offers the fully comprehensive multimedia feature set. Moreover, a long enough battery life (1500mAh) allows its users to enjoy all the applications and multimedia content. The phone also boasts its slim and compact design with mere 13.2 mm thickness.
Yes folks, you read it right: there is DivX support in this one. I'm expecting good quality videos once this little baby rolls out.

Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 2 Throat Communicator

I know that a majority of you techies are gamers too and with that knowledge, I know that you have Modern Warfare 2 set up. Since this is priomarily a tech blog, we'll discuss some gadgets that can be associated with the game. Here's one that we were able to check out on: The XBox 360 Modern Warfare 2 Throat Communicator.

It may look uncomfortable, but according to reviewers at Amazon, it works great!
1) The neckpiece fits nice and snug. It is not adjustable as it's suppose to be in good contact right by your throat. I'm of average build and it fit perfectly. Even if you're a bit skinnier or heavier I'm sure it will fit comfortably still.
2) The earpiece also fit nicely. Unlike most earbud headphones, these do no have different sized ear pieces to make it fit any better in your ear. The size you see on the box is the only size you get.
3) The earbud goes to your left ear which felt weird at first being that I was used to an OEM headset for the last 4 years.
Samsung Galaxy Spica Press Release
Xbox 360 MW2 Communicator

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