Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Maximizing Online Storage with Yahoo Group Features

People always have this problem of saving their files or finding the best way to access them wherever they are at anytime. Sure, there are compact discs, the usual USB drive and the standard diskette, although the latter has a limited capacity, around 1.3 megabytes allowed only. For the people who are not that acquainted with the web, using the many resources like sites that offer a certain storage quota where they can store there files temporarily may be something due for consideration.

Of course, this is only limited towards the people who are not that well-versed of the web. Although some are already practicing such, the limitation is that the need for an Internet connection becomes the only hindrance for such.

The Yahoo Groups offers such a storage capability, even allows a person to store pictures separately from the files. All that is needed is for a person to create a yahoo group, and name it as he wishes. Of course the existence of a yahoo account makes it easier, especially for validation procedures.

For more information just visit the Yahoo Groups for a more detailed summary and procedure.

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