Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Internet Relay Chat: Still The Best Internet Therapy for Stress

Internet Relay Chat may have died for me a long time ago, but somehow, I found myself once again trying to look for old buddies and friends who may possibly be around. Well, it wasn’t surprising, my former channel #lounge was no longer registered to me, and well, using my old handle seemed to be passé in a way so I just decided to be me.

When I chatted, it was an entirely new world for me. There are some familiar handles but most of them I cannot remember anymore. Even when it comes to trying to meet new people, my approach and confidence was unlike before. I was totally groping for form. Whichever the case, well, the people who make up IRC are still the same. Rude, obnoxious and some entertaining and great to converse with.
Of course I do not expect the same warm welcomes I had before, besides, I am a lot older now and most of the people who chat are usually a lot younger than me. Undernet still has the good quality of people compared to other servers. I tried Dalnet but the level of approach for some people still cannot be compared with that of Undernet.

Well, I met two or three girls, two I got to talk on the phone the other holding the same profession I have. Well, it is a nice way to kill time, especially for loners like me. I just hope I don’t run into childish people like before, but for sure, many of them are still lurking around. Oh and of course, there are still the infected handles, which, if anyone would happen to encounter, should not be accepted, otherwise its not only your IRC client that may infected but your whole computer as well, so be cautious!

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