Friday, September 11, 2009

The Cliq: Motorola's First Android

With all the name changing around here, I wasn't surprised at all that the Motorola Morrison has turned up to be the Motorola Cliq. Touted as one of the more affordable Android OS powered mobile phone out there, the Cliq sure has a tough act to follow with the HTC Tattoo (curiously used to be known as the HTC Click) also known for it's Android OS and wallet saving properties.

We presented you with the leaked specs last time and it seems to be the same, but the really weird news here is the mobile phone's name! At first, we all thought it was going to be the Motorola Morrison, then it became the Motorola Blur (as mentioned in the hastily made keynote), then it became the Cliq. Were they worried that having a phone named Blur would be a bad thing? It was so bad it got a lot of flack from both Gizmodo and PC Mag

Considered as "The first phone with social skills", it does really seem to focus more on how you connect to social network services like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

The social networking is very deeply integrated into the phone. For example, if you click on a contact anywhere under any social network, it'll give you the full contact information for every social network that guy belongs to. From there, you communicate with him through any network.

So here's to Motorola's first Android phone, the Morrison, er..the Blur...ok the Cliq.

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