Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Apple has Met its Rival

The new Walkman X-series isn’t just another iPod killer but rather it’s a Walkman saviour. İt was way back in the 1970’s that Sony dominated for two decades music portability until the iPod tag along. When the Apple iPod was invented and launch, Sony didn’t even give a support about the MP3 and let the Apple iPod dominated and gained its crown.

This time around the new Sony Walkman X-series is turning the tide of the battle. Sony has a huge advantage when it comes to audio. Almost all Walkman players boast superio audio quality unmatch by any media player available in the market. It is equipped with noise cancelling technology and it is integrated with an advanced digital sound processor.

The X-Series supports MP3, WMA and AAC formats and downloading from an Apple iTunes Store music is a breeze. The X-Series has a smaller screen than that of the iPod Touch. It is 3-inches than the 3.5 inch screen from the iPod. Well, the size doesn’t have to be that bad since the screen size is compensated with crystal clear and vibrant images Sony has in store. With just the OLED in place it wipes out the iPod with its LED display, putting a better performance with vibrant video and pictures. Strikingly the Walkman X-Series can recieve digital TV broadcasts which looks stunning as ever.

The Walkman X-series sports a touchscreen compared to the iPod Touch’s unresponsive accelerometer. When it comes to looks, the X-Series is a bit like a block compared to Apple’s more sexier and curvier iPod Touch. Although the X- Series is smaller, putting it in your pocket would be an ease.

All in all this X-Series is a superb all in one media player. Maybe its hight time that the Apple has made its contender.

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