Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sony’s Ultra Thin Netbook

It’s thin, light and sexy, that’s what Sony’s VAIO X series has to offer. The latest new addition of Sony’s laptop has been shrunk to a minute size, its ultra thinner and lighter than the Apple’s Macbook Air. The new Sony VAIO series sports an Intel Atom processor that surely gives the creeps of the current generation netbooks.

To make it more enticing for those who are concerned with the specifications, let me tell you this that the motherboard of the X-Series has all the components glued into one side only making more room for the others and to make it even thinner as ever. Some of the components are tightly packed into the rear side of device to make the front half for only the battery.

With this, the Sony VAIO only measures just 16mm all throughout, which is much thinner than Apple’s Macbook Air. Sony has added a couple of drop-down legs at the rear, in the case when you neet to connect an Ethernet cable. Not to mention that the connection is much thicker than the laptop itself. The legs are also use to plug in an optional extended battery in which it makes the front of the laptop much thicker.

The keyboard is large and evenly spaced out giving you more room to type with ease. The touchpad is quite small though, but not to fret, it offers complete maneuverability with precise control.

The Sony VAIO, sports in with a 11.1-inch screen something that most of us would expect on a mid-range netbook. Surprisingly thought it’s not just an ordinary screen that most of its competitors have but it is rather unique than the rest. The screen is crystal clear, offering vibrant crisp images and excellent color reproduction. It’s far better than Apple’s Macbook Air and Lenovo’s ThinkPad X301. The screen resolution clocks in at 1366 x 768 pixel resolution, enabling you to make room for many applications and small windows alongside the screen.

It packs a Intel Atom processor rather a bit disappointing as we hope that they would put in the new Consumer Ultra Low Voltage processors. Enough said, the Atom is set to 2GHz and is powerful enough to do daunting office tasks.

The Sony VAIO is great, with its elegant and stylish design that makes us drool for more. It’s impossible not get attracted to this beauty. In a nut shell the new Sony VAIO X-Series is simply amazing and well rounded piece of machine.

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