Wednesday, October 21, 2009

First Hand Look at Sony Ericsson Satio

Well with the looks of it you might think it would be another Iphone killer but the guys at Sony Ericsson have another thing in their mind. They have created another hybrid jammed packed with cool features with the new Sony Ericsson Satio. The Idou is fully equipped with touchscreen from top to bottom.

Rivaled with the Samsung Omnia HD and Samsung Pixon the Sony Ericsson Satio does have a few tricks on its sleeves. The Saito sure has an exciting package in its arsenal.

The Satio is quite comfortable when you hold it. With its current dimension at 112 x 55 x 13mm this guys a crazy whooper. It sports a 3.5 – inch touchscreen handset without the extra girth and not to mention the behemoth 12 megapixel camera hidden underneath the cover.

The left side part has the screen lock slider, the proprietary all in one connectivity port the same as the one used with the PSP GO, and the MicroSD card slot as well. The memory card slot is covered with plastic so dust and debris won’t be much of a trouble here. You might be wondering why they aren’t using the M2? Well, Satio is the recent ones of those models to give away with that idea.

The Satio is packed with cool interesting features that would keep boredom at bay. The neat Media center is an exact replica on what you can find in the company’s feature phones. It’s stylish, attractive and easy for you to navigate media in and out in your phone. It has all the unique features that would make us drooling for more. It has video player, the Walkman player and also a neat image gallery where you can do almost everything with your pictures.

The new Sony Ericsson Satio is an all in one vibrant phone with lots of cool features.

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