Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Olive 4HD Entertainment Box

Olive media just released the Olive 4HD, intended for people who are just crazy about music. Intended for the music lover industry, Olive’s latest box plays a gold standard 24-bit engineering recordings as well as playing CDs and DVDs.

The Olive 4HD does more than playing the typical songs but rather it has a server inside the black box that will rip your media apart and store it on the 2TB hard drive inside it.

The Olive 4HD matches quality sound with gold quality engineering delivering 24-bit sound at 192KHz sample rate making the sound 250 times much better than the resolution of CDs.

The Olive 4HD is easy to set up and handle with. It is easy to configure and navigate through the menus making it much more user friendly to many consumers. The new Olive 4HD acts as a control center that can access to a library full of digitalized music. A typical two-terabyte hard drive can handle about 6,000CDs or up to 20,000 high resolution 24-bit tracks. Digital media can easily be rip and copied to the Olive 4HD via the built in CD mechanism or through your PC or MAC, by the use of its wireless network connection. The music is breathtaking, offering music reproduction through Olive’s proprietary high-resolution Digital Analog Converter, featuring Texas Instrument’s 192Khz/24 bit Burr-Brown technology.

To complete your home entertainment system, the Olive 4HD directly connects to a stereo receiver. Music libraries can easily be navigated through the integrated touch screen or with the use of the unit’s built in HDMI interface. They also have added a iPhone application to allow user to control music from anywhere within the home network.

The Olive 4HD is a great addition to home entertainment system with its unique array of music capability features. Music can be access and control from anywhere in your home network.

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